(Please check my commission queue to see how many slots I have left.)

SFW/NSFWLolis, girls, women
ShotaHet ships (no exceptions, this includes: lolisho, M/M/F threesome/poly, implied, etc.)
Anything with my OCs (unless stated otherwise)Scat, diaper
Most kinks (feel free to ask)Detailed backgrounds, items, clothes, etc.

Animated Loop
$70 (base price)

Sketchy 1-2 second animated loop, can add simple solid colors if requested. Price may change depending on complexity of character design and request.

(note: this is currently for single characters, any additional characters will be an extra charge)

Monochrome Sketch
$30 per character

Rough sketch with a touch of grayscale.

"Clean" Colored Sketch
$45 per character

Slightly cleaner sketch with all the fancy bells and whistles (shading etc.), can add backgrounds but may charge extra depending on complexity of the background.


  • Payment upfront, via Paypal only.

  • No het ships (this includes: Lolisho and M/M/F threesome/poly)

  • I'm open to draw most kinks but feel free to ask if you're unsure.

  • I'm okay with commissions including my OCs, however I reserve the right to decline the commission if I feel it.

  • Please provide as many references as you can, refs for poses would also be very much appreciated.

  • After the sketch is confirmed and lineart has started I can allow up to 3 modifications before I charge for any more changes.

  • I may use your finished commission as an example when I update my commission sheet, it will be watermarked and compressed so only you have the high quality version. Please inform me if you'd rather not!


Q: Where can I DM you/What is the best way to communicate with you?
A: You can contact me initially on Baraag, but since DMs there are finicky I prefer to use email and/or Discord (I'll give you either one depending on which you prefer).
Q: Do you accept other payment
A: No, I can only use Paypal and invoices are very convenient for me.
Q: Can I post my commission on baraag/aethy/twitter/etc?
A: YES! Just be sure to credit me through my baraag username (@k0rocor3).
Q: Why do you not draw girl/het characters?
A: Personal preference :P
Q: Can I ask for my commission to not be used in your sample sheet?
A: Of course, just be sure to tell me ahead of time!
Q: Do you usually post your finished commissions?
A: I don't post them most of the time because I wanna give you the time to post it, if you'd also prefer to stay anonymous/keep it a private commission I can do that.
Q: How long does it take you to finish a commission?
A: I work on my commissions one by one, so until I take payment I won't be starting/working on your comm at all. After payment however, I usually don't take more than 1 week unless something comes up.



Current available slots: 2/3

CommisisonerComm typeStatus
idkwhattonamethisClean coloredNot started

Quick sketches

Current available slots: no limit

RestlessReksNot started
RestlessReksNot started


Current available slots: CLOSED

CommisisonerComm typeStatus
StickypicklesAnimated loopNot started